Letter From Birmingham Jail

By: Tarence Humphrey


My topic is about Martin Luther King Jr. and the letter from Birmingham jail. MLK was arrested for protesting the rights of blacks in Alabama. He was imprisoned at a Birmingham, Alabama police department. Soon after his arrest, someone snuck in a copy of the April 12th Birmingham newspaper. The paper included Jewish and Christian leaders going against Kings actions. Kings response was a letter expressing his non-violent ways to end segregation. This letter was a strong turn point to segregation. This letter powerfully influenced our society.

Connection to Present Day.

Barack Obama is another black hero that revolutionized America. Without MLK, Obama would not be president. MLK stopped the segregation and hat prevented Obama from being President. Obama honors him for that. MLK set up Obama's legacy. Obama is paying him back.


Martin Luther King's legacy impacted our society today in a great way. Without him my family wouldn't be together. Without him Barack Obama will not be president. Without him I couldn't sit in this mixed-race room with all my friends. Without him we would live in a world with segregation.

Five Fun Facts.

  1. MLK was arrested more than 13 times.
  2. A Ku Klux Klan bombing left many dead and sparked it MLK's journey to end segregation.
  3. Martin Luther King had no research materials for his letter.
  4. Police used brutal tactics on civil rights protesters.
  5. Kings letter soon led to his I have a dream speech.


The event I chose is king being arrested. If he was arrested he would have wrote the letter. His arrest was a key in ending segregation.


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