A trip to Mars

Come to Mars for 1 year, starting at $3,000 per person.

What our hotel includes.

Come to Mars, for 1 year, for $3,000 per person! We have recently built a hotel, which stands at a whopping 34 stories tall! Our hotel includes 6 different pools, and 4 hot tubs. We include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can request what meals you would like before we take off for Mars! We have FREE wifi! You can also watch TV from your hotel room. Inside our hotel, we also have a 5 star gym, a sauna, and a spa center! We also have basketball, tennis, and soccer courts, all indoor. We are currently building a baseball field. We have a movie theater, showing all current movies down on Earth. We also have recently added a learning center, to teach your children. Next off, we have 2 thrilling rides that are sure to give you a scare. Don't worry, we have oxygen pumped through our hotel, everything our resort includes, is under a dome, which oxygen is constantly being filled into, so you can always have fun! We are also doing tours around Mars, check it out while you're there! Come visit us soon!

Frequently asked questions.

Now that we've got you hooked, we want to explain some frequently asked customer questions.

"Can humans live on Mars?"

Yes, we can live on Mars, as you all know by now, our resort is under a dome that has oxygen in it. Although, we have to say, don't wander off without an astronaut suit without being in the dome. If you don't have any type of suit that will provide oxygen, you will die in minutes. So ALWAYS make sure you have a suit with oxygen before you go wandering away.

"What types of clothing would humans have to wear to survive."

During most days, the temp. is around 70 F, which is nice weather, a bit cool and sunny. You can wear shirts with short sleeves, and shorts or pants, just like the clothes you'd wear on Earth! At night though, it gets EXTREMELY cold, and we advise you DO NOT wear clothes that you'd wear in the day outside of the dome. We provide you 3 warming sweaters, which we have tested, and regulate your body temperature to regular. We also provide 3 heating underwear, which is needed to stay completely warm, don't laugh. We also provide 3 warming pants, and 3 warming socks. You will need to wear all of these before bed, to stay completely warm, as we can't keep the temperature always perfect in the dome.

"What does the surface of the planet look like."

Mars surface is a desert-like planet, with a dry barren wasteland. Despite the looks of the surface, that major beauty is in the sky. The sunsets are quite different on Mars than on Earth. On Mars, the sunsets offer a whole different palette of colors, beauty that will blow your mind away.

"How would humans navigate to get around the planet?'"

On Mars we have rovers to help us navigate around the planet. We have open rovers, closed rovers, and rovers not meant for humans to ride on. While visiting us you can buy a 1 day use of an open rover for $150, or a closed rover for $300. These rovers will provide you a distance of 300 meters per charge. A full charge will last around 3 hours. You would be able to explore some of the craters on the surface. such as Antoniadi!

"Can we take any side trips to Mars moons?"

Currently no, however we are working on a Mars program that will let us launch to Phobos, one of Mars moons, and we are planning on opening it up to the public by 2021.

Facts about Mars!

Alright, now it's time for some facts! After all, you do want to know about the planet you're going to, right?

-Mar's has 2 moons called Phobos and Deimos.

-Mar's average distance from the sun is 141.6 million miles.

-Mars is home to the tallest mountain in the solar system, Olympus Mons.

-On Mars the sun appears half the size as it does on Earth.

-It takes Mars 687 Earth days to orbit the sun.

-Mars has seasons like Earth, but they last twice as long.

-Mars does not have a magnetic field.

-Mars has dusts storms that constantly change the surface of the planet.

-The length of a Mars day is about 24 hours and 40 minutes.

-Over 43,000 craters have been discovered on Mars!

Our contact information!

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