Social Anxiety Disorder

By: Aurora Pederson Period: One

What is Social Anxiety Disorder/ Panic Disorder?

People who have Social Anxiety Disorder feel afraid that they'll mess up the activity that they're doing, look bad, and be made fun of by others. Having bad social skills also contributes. They also often have panic attacks. The individual tries to avoid certain social interactions, or all social interactions. A "side-effect" of the disorder is anticipatory anxiety; the fear of an event or situation before it happens. (Days-weeks before the event happens) They understand that it's pointless to worry about it, but still isn't able to loose the thought.

Signs and Symptoms


-Intense anxiety while in public

-Avoids social interaction


-Pounding heart




-Muscle tension

-Upset stomach



-Doesn't want to do everyday tasks


To be diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, your symptoms can not be the result of another mental illness; feel anxious in most social situations; and main symptom should be avoiding social interactions.


If the individual is diagnosed positive, the patient would go to psychological counseling and would receive medicines. (Ex; Antidepressants)

Seeking Help

If an individual thinks they have this disorder, they can go to their GP (General Practitioner).

Interesting Facts

-Could result to getting addicted to alcohol and/or substances

-More common in woman then men

-There's five types

(-Generalize Anxiety)

(-Social Phobia) <---(The one I researched)

(-Panic Disorder)

(-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) <---(Commonly known as OCD)

(-Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)

-I have this Disorder


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