Education and Training

By: Kylie Bland

TAFE/Ed Rising and TRAFLES

T - Taught at A elementary school

R - nothing

A - Teacher Appreciation week

F - cookie dough fundraiser

L - leader on my vball team

E - nothing

S- Service project at church

My Future as a Teacher

My sophomore year i took a teaching class that would help me in the future. Now i am a junior and taking a intern class where we go to site schools and we are assigned certain classes. We are basically a student assistant.

Junior- I have consider OSU,OPSU and Tarleton,TCU. I have visited TCU,UT,Tarletan,OSU,Baylor,UTA. My dream school is UT because they have a great education system there and I've don't tons of volleyball camps there and really want to get a scholarship.

Guaranteed to love this job if you love kids