The Cloud Connection

Nov. 10, 2014

Reading: Students will continue reading Wonder this week. We're working on perspectives as we read this book. We'll focus on main ideas this week.

Writing: Students are researching information for their informational writing. We're studying indigenous people of North America, and each student will be writing a mini-investigation about one tribe. We are studying the latin base words; com/con/co/cor/col, par, fer and sub/sup/sus this week. The test will be Friday.

Math: Students will be working on division again this week. We'll focus on longer division problems with remainders. We'll have a test covering chapter 4 on Fri. Homework is; Mon. pg. 275-276, Tues. pg. 281-282, Wed. pg. 287-288, and Thurs. pg. 291-292.

Social Studies: This week we'll finish chapter 3 in our S.S. text as we learn a little more about the early tribes and cultures of indigienous North Americans.

Students are working on poems about where they are from. If they haven't brought their photos it isn't too late. We can use electronic or actual photos. All photos will be returned in their original form.

Reading logs are due on Monday.

Students will be choosing a biography this week for their next book report. I'll send home directions for the project in the next couple of weeks. For now they need to begin reading a book at their level about someone they are interested in learning about. I've asked students to keep notes or use sticky notes to mark important information they'd like to share about their person.

Veteran's Day is this week and students are being asked to fill in a star for their family members who are veterans. Hopefully they have these turned in on Monday so they can be put up in the hall.

Library News

The Book Fair was a great success—thank you so much for all your support! The students helped out a lot –they love to read! Many books were put into the library, the classrooms, and into our students’ hands.

We had so much fun!

Thank you again.

Your Librarians,

Lisa Whip

Cheryl Illg

Dress Like An Elder

Friday, Nov. 21st, 8:30am

West Homer Elementary

Student Council Sponsored Spirit Day; dress like an elderly person.

Early Release Day

Wednesday, Nov. 26th, 1:45pm

West Homer Elementary


Thursday, Nov. 27th, 8am

West Homer Elementary

Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving with your family. We'll see you back at school on Monday.