through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support with Austin Buffum

Knowing that an achievement gap exists between students with disabilities and their general education peers...

  • how do we meeting the needs of all of our students?
  • how do we create a systematic process for determining a need for more intensive supports?
  • how do we ensure our intervention procedures address root causes of academic slippage?
  • how do we ensure our core programs and interventions implemented to fidelity?
  • how can we using evidence-based strategies to impact student achievement?
  • how do we ensure that interventions support core curriculum rather than replace it?
  • how do PLCs fit with MTSS?

AUSTIN BUFFUM is a Solution Tree expert in the areas of tiered systems of support and Professional Learning Communities

In order to offer differentiated professional development opportunities, Austin will conduct two separate days of training. See below for details:

TRAINING OPTION #1: Introduction to MTSS

Monday, Aug. 1st 2016 at 9am-3pm

ESU #1 211 Tenth Street - Wakefield, NE 68784

This workshop will be geared for smaller districts wanting to gain an understanding of MTSS including why it is a vital piece of education today, how it works, what systems need to be in place, and what research has to say about its effectiveness.

TRAINING OPTION #2: Advanced MTSS Concepts and Applicaiton

Tuesday, Aug. 2nd 2016 at 8:30am-4pm

1001 College Way

South Sioux City, NE

This workshop will be geared toward districts who are knowledgable about the MTSS process but who are in need of some direct guidance on action steps moving forward.

Go to and click on event registration to reserve your spot now!

Please note there is a $15 registration fee for August 1 ONLY as the noon meal will be catered in. We will allow for an hour break to do lunch on your own on August 2.