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Personality Component

My personality are gold and blue.
Amazing Wood Carving - Woodworking
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Career Choices

My career is woodworking i want to be in woodworking because you get to create a lot of things such as pool table, cabinets and a lot of cool things. To join woodworking you at least need to have a High School Diploma or Equivalent. in woodworking

Woodworkers annual salary - 28,440

Hourly paid - $13,67 - $31.34

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2006 ECHO Chain Saw Carving Championship


My career college is Massachusetts Institute Technology its location is at 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA. Woodworking at MIT is 3 hours of training Tuition/Fees is $36,390.00 Tuition in on state campus - $50,1000 and out of state. Number of applicants to join MIT 13,396 and the people admitted 12%.


For my housing it will be $1,342 I chose a house becuase you have a lot of space and it is a big place to live but you have to have a god job to be able to keep up with the house. I will be wasting $451 on utilities like internet, water,phone, and light. $400 will be on food for each month my transportation will be a luxury car were i could go on vacation and school. Each month $600 will be on clothes and having nice clothes for every month. My health care is $600 dollars I'm going with doctor that has insurance. In personal stuff $425 dollars will be waste on shampoo, razor, deodorant. $250 on Entertainment like partys and video games

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