New England Colonies

Ashlee's Social Studies Project

What are the Geographic features like in New England ?

Most of England's earliest settlements were built along the Atlantic ocean (Coastal plains). The region's climate and the rocky soil made it very hard to farm. New England had summers that were mild and very short and they had winters that were cold and lasted a long time. The Coastal plains had valleys, rolling hills, and mountains. The mountain ranges are part of the Appalachian mountains.

What Capital, Natural, and Human Resources does England have ?

The New England Colonies had many different human resources. Some human resources were fishing for codfish. They hunted other animals also,such as whales. Another human resource was ship building. There were also loggers who cut down trees for lumber.
The New England Colonies had many different capital resources.The whales' fat, or blubber was boiled down to oil for lamp fuel and they used tar to make ships. They used the lumber for a lot of other things.

The New England Colonies had many different natural resources. Some natural resources were codfish, whales, and trees. They would hunt the animals for food and many other things. They cut down wood for lumber.

What did the New England towns have in it?

Most all the people that lived in England lived on small farms or in small towns. The most important building was the Church and the meeting house. On Sunday every person that lived in England had to go to Church.
The school was very important because they believed that everyone should be able to read the Bible. The schools in England only had one teacher and one classroom. A lot of children quit school at a young age because there family needed them to work at home.
At the center of the town was a grassy area shared by the town's people. It was used for grazing sheep, cattle, and other livestock, this is called a COMMON.

What did New England trade and Interdependence ?

The New England colonies traded to get raw materials and products from other places. The England people depended on one another for goods, This is called INTERDEPENDENCE.

Trade is important because they can get other goods and services that they could not get themselves.

The New England colonies depended on the Atlantic colonies for grains and livestock. They also depended on the Southern colonies for raw materials such as cotton. The Atlantic and the Southern colonies depended on New England for fish, lumber, and whale oil.

The Atlantic, Southern, and England coloines became known as TRIANGULAR TRADE ROUTES.