Trail of Tears

By: Joe Mlachnik

Who and what was the Trail of Tears

  • It was from 1838 to 1839
  • Andrew Jackson forced the Cherokee Indians to move to the west of the Mississippi
  • 4000 out of the 15000 died and most from diseases
  • Many other tribes were also forced to move west of the MIssissippi

How were Indians and others affected by the Trail of Tears

  • over 4000 out of the 15000 died of diseases
  • the two main diseases were smallpox and malaria
  • Smallpox was easy to caught and spread because if you borrow clothes and other clothing they could of had it
  • once you got these diseases you where mostly likely to die
  • some kids caught a smallpox that wasnt that server and they were most likely to survive
  • Many indian tribes fought back like the seminoles what the war lasted until 1840
  • Also the Sac and Fox fought back but quickly retreat back across to the west side of the Mississippi

My Reaction

I am mad that Jackson moved them from their Native area and that we just left so many of them die, like when we gave them blankets with smallpox on them to kill them. I wasn't surprised that the Indians fought back but why didn't they all join and fight for their land. I didn't understand why they just fought against each other instead of helping eachother. I am surprised that they didn't find out how to stop spreading the diseases instead of letting them die off, and why didn't we give them supplies to help them move.