Lewisville Lake

Melissa Lason

Species in the lake

1. large mouth bass

2. spotted bass

3. white and hybrid striped bass

4. blue catfish

5. channel catfish

Licenses and costs

-fishing license needed if you take fresh or saltwater fish as well as mussels, clams, crayfish, etc.

-hunting license is needed if you hunt frogs or turtles

-First Saturday in June each year, anyone is allowed to fish even without a fishing license.

-Freshwater license cost: $30

Regulations and bag limits!

Daily bag limit is 5 fish for all 4 species in any combination

-there are certain and minimum lengths that you can catch most of the fish at as well

-there is no minimum for spotted bass

3 endangered species (there weren't endangered fish so here are other species)

3 invasive threats:

1. Zebra Mussels

2. Giant Salvinia

3. Snakeheads

Texas Records - Lewisville Lake

-Large mouth bass; 13.63 lbs/ 26.75 in.

-Spotted bass; 3.73 lbs/19.5 in.

-White bass; 3.14 lbs/ 20.5 in.

-Blue Catfish; 63.12 lbs/ 48.25 in.

-Channel Catfish; 22.68 lbs/ 35.5 in.

Best way to fish for these!

Large mouth bass can be found in coves or close to the shore. white bass are easiest to catch during the summer and there are usually gulls flying over them. Hybrids are found in creeks and around ridges. Catfish is best to catch on the side closest to the lake Dallas area.

ShareLunker Program

This program encourages people who catch over 13 pound fish to lend or donate their catch to TPWD for other purposes.

In Lewisville Lake, Jon Babich caught a 13.63 lb, 24.25 in fish.