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Term 2 Week 3

MPS Techno News - Second flyer

Here you will get ideas of different websites, web tools and apps to help enhance student learning in your classroom.

Websites and Web Tools of the Week!

Not so far away.

not so far away...

An engaging website with resources galore on teaching persuasive texts. Activity ideas on modality, structure, developing arguments and complex sentences. Activities are based around the theme of fairytales.


The Engage website is a current affairs site for students. Engage is a current affairs website dedicated to improving literacy outcomes for Australian children by providing current, relevant and age-appropriate reading material.This site is written by a Year 6 NSW teacher.


The MathsLinks Network is a collection of sites made by a maths teacher for maths teachers.

Find and share the best online activities on MathsLinks. Download activities from others and share your own resources. Get quick access to all the everyday essentials on MathsKit… and more

APP of the week!

APP of the Week!

Red Dragonfly Maths - DEC

The Red dragonfly mathematics challenge is an English adaptation of a classic Japanese mathematics problem-solving book. It provides a range of easily understood problems to challenge and stimulate student interest and reward perseverance. All the challenges have been used in primary classrooms and emphasise essential algebraic reasoning.

Available iTunes app store - free

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To make this a community flyer for all our staff to share ideas and see and hear about great tools beginning used in our school we all need to contribute.

Email me please.....

  • all your great ideas that you are using, have heard about or would love to know more about so I can share and showcase them on this flyer to share with our colleagues.
  • any questions or queries that you may have