May 22nd - 26th

Check Out What Is Going On In 2nd Grade!

Upcoming Dates & Reminders

May 24th - Reading Restaurant 2A, 2C

May 25th - Reading Restaurant 2B, 2D, 2E

May 29th - NO SCHOOL

June 1st - Last Day of School; 12:50 dismissal

Citizenship Trait of the Month

May: Patience

  • Once a month a child from each class, who exemplifies this trait, is awarded a citizenship certificate at a special ceremony.
  • If your child is awarded, you will receive a message from your child's teacher inviting you to come celebrate in the ceremony.


We are in our Plants and Insects PBL.

Library Books

Please remember to bring library books back, so new ones can be checked out each week!

Library Days:

2A - Wednesdays

2B - Tuesdays

2C - Wednesdays

2D - Thursdays

2E - Fridays

English Language Arts & Reading

Reading - We are preparing for Reading Restaurant through advertising and learning about restaurant etiquette.

What you can do at home:

-Istation 20 minutes per night

-Read a good-fit book and ask your child about what they read.

- have your child write about their experiences


We are working on Time this week:

  • Learners will be reading analog and digital clocks to the hour, half hour, quarter hour and then to the nearest 5 minute and to the nearest minute.

What to practice at home:

- Play a game with your children called "Time Check". At various times during the day, say "time check" and have your child read the clock at home and tell you the time.


Plant and Insect PBL project:

We will continue our plant and insect research and create our Haiku Deck presentation to present to 4th grade.

We have a BRAND NEW Interactive Word Wall at VRE! Check out all the new groups!

    In the main hallway, we have a new interactive science word wall. Your child can find a word on the word wall. Next, they will research that word. Your child can be creative to show his or her understanding of that vocabulary word!

        A few ideas:
          -He or she can write a paper about the word and add it to the word wall
            -Create a video and share the link or QR code on the word wall
              -Write a definition for the word in his or her own words and add it to the wall
                -Take a picture or find a picture, and add it to the word wall -Find something that reminds that helps them understand or make sense of the vocabulary word and tape it to the word wall

                Here is a link to a video to explain how the word wall works:

                We look forward to seeing what learners do in science at home! Thank you for your constant support for your child's education.

                Social Studies

                We are working on a project called "Create a Country" where learners will be using the knowledge they've learned in 2nd grade this year to create their own country. This will take us the month of May to complete.

                - They will be including geography, culture, agriculture, government, traditions, climate, etc. into their country.

                - Their country will have it's own name and they will create a map for their country as well.

                - Then they will write a persuasive essay on why people should visit their country.

                How to help your child at home

                Research has been unable to prove that homework correlates with academic success. Research has proven that social opportunities such as playing on a team, eating a healthy dinner with family, and being well-rested does positively impact a child's academics.

                A second grader is recommended to read 20 minutes per night. The key to gaining reading comprehension is being able to discuss the book in length. Use the questions below to guide your discussion each night.