Unsung People

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Our world is beautiful.

We are told on a regular basis that our world is filled with negativity: with hate, conflict and fear. However, we see that our real world is overwhelmingly filled with positive acts and kind, selfless people. We are a team of college students and we believe that our everyday world is beautiful.

Celebrating humanity one story at a time.

Unsung People is a non profit initiative that collects stories of random acts of kindness from around the world. We share your stories online and if possible, send these unsung people letters of recognition at the end of the year. So far, we have collected several stories of random acts of kindness from people around the world, and we hope you will share a story with us too.

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There is an innate sense of goodness and empathy in humans. This project hopes to incite and celebrate that. If you witness an act of selflessness, sacrifice, citizenship or service, do not let it slide your memory. Capture it. Share it. Let’s celebrate it together.