By: Alexia Duron

About bullying

My issue is bullying. Bullying is a problem because it is out of control. Bullying is a people problem. Bullying happens to people of all types and colors. It affects the bullies by making them look cool and "popular" but really its just another way to be noticed. Bullying also affects elementary, middle and high school students because of the phases and changes gone through these stages in life. These stages/changes are what make you vulnerable to bullies.
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What causes bullying?

The main cause of bullying are the differences of people. I know that we should love the fact that we're different but in reality its what makes the victims in bullying. Bullying sometimes gets physical and is emotional. Bullying has a lack of understanding to parents because most of the time the victim cant explain what they feel like, and why it affects them the way it does with words.
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How can bullying be fixed?

Bullying can be fixed if the bullies actually tried to get to know the victim. It hasn't been fixed yet because of social reasons. Some obstacles of fixing the problem are schools because the victims try to fit in and get picked on for trying to do so. The second main reason is social media. Social media is just another way to bully that person just that its out of school and is called cyber bullying. The last reason are the "name tags" given to that people. Foe example some name tags are weirdo, loser, nerd, emo, and popular.
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