Don't judge a book by its cover


Stargirl is the new girl in town. At the beginning everybody likes her and at the end only three people will talk to her. Leo is the one who has a crush on Stargirl. Archie is the retired teacher that everybody goes to for a question.

Kids Pick

I like the part when Stargirl is on the Hot Seat and to joke she pretends the seat is on fire.

Figurative Luanguage

Strong Verbs

My first strong verb is cringe on pg. 127. My second one is prayed on pg. 66. The third that I came up with is mocking on pg. 131. The fourth one is avoid on pg.133. Last but not least is created on pg. 33.


    Stargirl is the new girl. At first she gets everybody to like her. When a student named Leo sees her he falls in love with her. Then eventually he figures out she likes him. This girl named Hilliria trys to get everybody not to like Stargirl.     Then Stargirl becomes a chearleader and whenever the other team scores she chears. Well that does not help her because people don't like her anymore. Then Stargirl get in a relationship and at first they do not tell anybody but then they tell people. Leo gets her to change to Susan. And sh thought she might as well not be liked as herself. 15 years later for his birthday he gets a porquiepine necktie


Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli , and