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New exhibit: Inventors and inventions of the Renaissance

The new exhibit

This new exhibit feature many original inventions of the renaissance which revolutionized our lives today. These inventions are from 1350-1650 they very from science to just things we have advanced for our everyday use.

The Printing Press

The printing press was invented by the German Johannes Gutenberg around 1440. The printing press worked like a screw once it was turned the letters were pushed onto the substance if it were cloth or paper placing the ink witch allowed it to write. This idea was replicated due to no patents being in place. So Johannes never made a large prophet off of his amazing invention that revolutionized making copying books instead of the original way of hand writing books.

The Pocket Watch

The pocket watch was invented by german inventor Peter Henlein. He was the first able to create the pocket clock that did not require falling weights as the source of their power. The new source of power was a spring like device that allowed it to move once you built up the tension. After this style of pocket clock was released many started to where them and it turned into a large type of fashion.

The Submarine

The inventor of the first functional submarine was Cornelis Drebbel. Between 1620 and 1624 he successfully used his submarine witch was powered by ores that stuck out the sides. The submarine was weighted at the bottom to keep it about half submerged Multiple men were needed to move the submarine witch were row men who kept the submarine moving and stopping. To be able to move left and right they had a large rudder allowing that movement they also had no way to see what way they were moving so they used a compass to find which way was needed to go. Cornelis Drebbel was born in Alkmaar in Netherlands in 1572. He was raised with a normal education but he became an inventor making many different inventions the submarine is just one of his many.

The Telescope

Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey is credited to be the one who made the first telescope. Hans was original a lens maker who discovered that when you hold up one lens behind the other it allows you to see farther away from the point in witch you are standing. So he made a three lens telescope and after that he patented it. It is also thought that he had stolen the idea from Zacharias Jansen who was also a lens maker.
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