by: Julia Bone


The followers of Christianity are called Christians. They also believe that you should pray the holy trinity. Two sacraments they practice is baptism, this marks Christians entrance into church they also share bread and wine to represent Jesus's last supper. Where Christians worship is called Church, this is where they practice their beliefs. Some of The worship leaders of Christians is a Pope, a Minister preacher, or a Priest. Christians "Holy book" is called the Bible. The Bible is a story about Jesus's life. A couple of Holidays for Christians are Christmas or Easter. They celebrate these holidays to celebrate Jesus's birth. A holy city for Christians is Bethlehem. Bethlehem is the site of Jesus's birth.

1. A religious figure that is common to all three religions is Abraham.

2. A view about god that is common to all three religions is Monotheism.

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Holy Bible

The Bible

The bible is a holy book most Christians read. The bible is a story about Jesus's life.

Christmas (one of many traditions)

Christmas (December 25) is the day that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is a very important day, during Christmas they give and receive presents.
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Bethlehem is where Jesus was born. This is a very important holy city for Christians.