Mrs. Shady's Math Class

Third Edition

Extra! Extra!

Students were given the extra credit assignment. They have till January 6th to complete. Click the link below for details!

Other than at home use, students may use time before school, after school or lunch time to go to the library for addition access to compass learning. They may also ask me for a pass to come work on it in my classroom during these times as well.

Corrections Math 6

Students have been working hard in lunch tutorial on corrections for tests and quizzes. Students are given time to finish at home. Please check with them that they are completing these corrections and turning these back in so that they can get half credit back!

Math 678 Donations

We are starting a couple of projects for our next unit on Geometry and measurement! Click here to sign up to donate a specific donation.

Also: One of the projects we will work on after the winter break. Save your boxes! We need 3-d figures that they can build with! prisms, spheres, cones, pyramids! Save these and send them in with your student!!