Reflection Digital Artifact

My reflection as an art student during the 2015-16 year

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The Straight Path

For this project I chose two different types of media which were color pencil and acrylic Paint. My inspiration for this was how people always talk about staying on the straight path in religions. My thoughts were that maybe there isn’t an actual “straight path” but instead, a series of curved paths. We all make mistakes which is why the road diverges at so many points which are all different ways your life could end up.

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Random Drawings

For this project I just did two different drawings using color pencil. For the red and black one, my inspiration was an anime called Naruto. It is the symbol of this group of villains in the show and I found it cool. For the other one, It was supposed to represent difference. As you can see there are two flowers that are blue with black stems that are growing oddly. The red flower with a green stem was supposed to show how different things can be and how the flower is growing differently and even though it’s different, it’s not ugly.


For this project I took a series of photos but these two stood out the most to me. People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and I agree with it. I feel like just by looking at someone’s eyes, you can tell a whole story. I remember the day I had inspiration for it. I was taking a photo of my own eyes because I had like a bump and when I looked at the picture I got the inspiration.

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For this project I used Acrylic paint. Everyone had a color wheel but we all had to choose what we wanted the background to look like. I remember that before starting this project I had watched the movie interstellar which really impacted my thoughts on space and astrology and that is why I decided to use space as the background. I was even thinking that from another POV you could think the color wheel is a spaceship.

“What have you learned about making Art?” & “What have you learned about yourself through the projects you have created?”

One thing I have learned about making art is that firstly, it takes time. Secondly, You could have all the time in the world and still not have an idea of what to make so you have to experiment with different mediums and tools. Lastly, I’ve learned that I can only make good pieces of artwork in certain environments. A thing I have learned about myself is that the best forms of art I can make is digital and can most likely be with a camera, although I love painting.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A weakness of mine is that I typically procrastinate with my projects and I always think what I do has to be perfect and that restricts my creative ability. But if I am to just do what is asked and not try to go above and beyond then I will have the grades I need. But I think that I need to stop trying to do that and begin just doing the basics. A strength of mine is my creativity.

Which project are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of the photography project I did. I am proud of it because it is a good concept and it looks nice. I based it off the idea that the eyes are the windows to the soul and that everyone’s eyes tell a story of their own.
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Reflection of my Growth as an Artist

As an artist, I believe that I’ve grown and became more creative. I feel as though I see the world differently and although the work I’ve been producing in this class might not be the best, I have been working on different art styles and exploring my creative liberties. Through my experiences this past year, I’ve realized that I want to be a filmmaker and entertainer. When I started out this school year I had my mind set on becoming a journalist but now my idea has changed.