The Best Sport Ever

All About football

Football is a sport where you have keep the other team from scoring just like other sports. On defense you cover the receivers and tackle the guy with the ball. If you make it into the endzone you score six points. If you kick a field goal then you get another point. That is called a conversion. On offense you can either pass the ball or run the ball.

How To Prepare For A Game

The first thing you should do is practice your position as hard as you can and study your opponent. Then two days before the game drink nothing but water and drink as much of it as you can. Then when it's game day put on your pads and helmet and stretch so you don't pull a muscle and go play football.

Pay Attention In Football

You should always pay attention in football. If you don't pay attention you will get you or a teammate hurt. For example, if you are waving to your mom in the stands and they snap the ball you might not block the guy you are supposed to block, the man will go in and make the tackle and your star quarterback breaks his ankle. That could ruin your whole season. Remember to always pay attention in football.
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Football vs. Baseball

Football is more of a hardcore sport where you tackle more. Yet in baseball you hit a ball with a bat and run the bases. You score six points when you score in football but you only score one point in baseball. Yet both sports are very different, they are both very fun sports.
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