Kimky Private School

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Kimky Private School

The international school that Ricky Huang and Thomas Kim have shaped is the perfect school students are looking for. With a large variety of ethnicities, an excellent learning environment and highly certified teachers, Kimky Private School is an ideal place for students to learn. Students will be able to board the campus with a clean facility and Kimky Private School will make sure students head to their desired college with beneficial college prep classes. Classes like the core subjects: math, language arts, science, social studies and also other courses of foreign language, performing arts, and sports. Kimky Private will accomplish every student’s dream career. The mission statement for Kimky Private School is "to have a fully prep college school where students can have the best academic preparation for top universities." Kimky Private School was founded in order to help create the future without unnecessary difficulties . With Kimky Private School making sure that not only its students are ready of the outside world and collage, we make sure that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

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Kain the Kimchi

Meet Kimky Private School's mascot, Kain the Kimchi. Kimchi was decided to be the school's mascot because of the similarity in the pronunciation of Kimky and kimchi. Kain also represents the healthy environment for our students and the healthy mentality at Kimky Private School.


On the center of Queens, NY, Kimky Private School is at the most diverse place on Earth. The diversity allow students to meet new types of people and learn interesting things about many ethnicity from China, Guyana, India, or Korea.

Demographic of Queens County, New York (2010).

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The founders also represented their school colors of dark red and white based off of kimchi. These colors also was meant to represent students at Kimky. The dark red is associated with courage and leadership and the white shows cleanliness and mental clarity.(Jacob)


Kimky Private provides the four core subjects of math language arts, science, and social studies that are the most important in one's life. There are also other different classes that students can take at Kimky Private School such as a foreign language, performing arts, and sports. These classes can help students to learn more and help balance out class schedule load.

Year-Round Calendar

Most schools usually have a traditional calendar where students have a two to three months off school, however, the Kimky Private School has adopted a year-round calendar that instead only has about three to four weeks off almost every month. This would benefit students and teachers because of the better skill retention(Bennecke), which can result in teachers not needed to review material from last semester which can save precious time.
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College Preparation

The purpose of Kimky Private School is a complete college preparation. The rigorous college curriculum is very stressful, so Kimki Private School prepares students by allowing them to take an advanced placement or honor course classes so that “students can earn college credits.”(AAEC) These classes are tough that require a lot of work, but is essential for students to be competitive in admission for top universities. A college prep class will give students an advantage over other students because they will be ready for the first years of college. Students are also often taught specific subjects that focuses on their dream career which can help them move faster.

Block Schedule

Kimky Private School adopted a block schedule that colleges would also use. With longer periods, teachers will have more time to complete lessons. (Brown University) However, a shortened period could cause a lesson to be incomplete, which could result in extra homework. Block schedule also allows students longer cooperative learning activities that would not be able fit in the shortened learning periods. The block schedule will give students and teachers more time to focus on a specific subject rather than rushing through the material.

School Hours Longer, but less homework

Kimky Private School has made school hours longer; however, students will have less homework. Homework, which is usually done at home, can now be guided by a professional teacher that can give advice on a problem.(Trevelise) Students can now learn more diligently rather than just getting free answers and not thinking them through. With Kimky’s homework assistance approach, students go home an hour later, but actually have more free time to hang out with friends and do extracurricular activities.(Trevelise)

Kimky Private School's Song - "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)