Battle of Leningrad

Kallie Hala


The battle started on September 8, 1941 and ended January 27, 1944. It took place in the country of Russia. The two nations that fought in this battle was the Red Army, the Russian's army. The other nation was the German troops.

Most destrucive in history and most costly in high casualties.

Beginning of the Battle

About 2 months after the Soviet Union was attacked by Germany the Germany troops made their way over towards Leningrad. The fully encircled Leningrad. The civilians refused to surrender, and this made them experience many hardships. Food and fuel stocks were limited and by the winter of 1941-42 there was no heat and no water supply. The city's war industries still continued and they did not surrender yet.

Evacuated the city across Lake Ladoga, only route connected to the mainland. This road was called the "Road Of Life."

This brutal battle finally came to an end after almost 3 years, which caused 641,000 deaths, when the Red Army pushed the Germany army beyond Leningrad. This battle was also known as the 900 day siege.