Unit 2 Assesment

Human Migration

Human Migration

Humans migrate/ Move from were they live for many different reasons. Some reasons for human migration are Conflict between people and the government, other reasons could be anywhere from being kid napped and forced to move, to just wanting a change in scenery. For example after the attack on the US by Al-Qaida on 9-11-2001 many people had to move because there homes were destroyed and there jobs were ruined and layed underneath the dust and rubble of the World Trade Center. People also moved because they were Frightened that there homes could be ruined or their loved ones could get hurt if they leave the house because after an attack so close to your home on that large of a scale would make almost anyone frightened for their life, even just being in your own country is good enough reason to move

Twin Towers Vs. Gualtamala

During the Twin Towers Attack on 9/11 there were maybe 3 social groups I can think of there was Al-Qaida There was the US government, and there was the US citizens who felt helpless and need help from their Government because they needed to be protected from Al-Qaida.

Push Factors

  • Form of Government
  • Economy
  • Conflict
  • Cooperation
  • Oppression
  • What over people believe VS. What you believe
  • War
  • Terrorism
  • Forced

Pull Factors

  • Form of Government
  • Economy
  • Cooperation
  • Freedom
  • Rights
  • Peace
  • Similar Beliefs
  • Forced
  • Civil Protection

Unit 2 Hypothesis

If different social groups mix, Then there will be more conflict than them being separated, Because they have a vast amount of different beliefs and will get in a conflict about what way is the right way or what way is the better way.

Unit 2 Claim

The mixing of social groups and cultures is a large cause of conflict, and I believe that mixing many different social groups then the conflict will become very large and maybe even start a war because they will join with other groups and make new larger groups that have opposing beliefs.


In the game bullets and ballots, I was a gorilla. Our social group was people who were once in power and we have troops and we are willing to fight for the peasants and everyday common man/woman. We were for the people. In the Game I tried to make treaties with other social groups to try and get power to overthrow the current messed up government. Some times I would rip up treaties with two countries that opposed us and wanted us to go away. In the game the social groups all had mostly different views and opinions. The outcome of the game was that the peasants became the government, witch didn't work well. I think that mixing many different beliefs together and cultures to can cause lots of problems. I think that people just naturally get along with people with the same views better than people who have different beliefs. In the game there were groups trying to get the most troops and some groups pulled cheeky moves to get the troops and they started even more conflict.

Multipul Prospective

There are multiple prospective too look at a citation with. The best example I have is with Mexicans coming to the US illegally. One way too look at it is in the shoes of a Mexican in poverty in their country living outside with no roof over their heads. Another way to look at it is as a US citizen who pays taxes on what the Mexicans are using like they are going to our schools and not helping pay for it. Another way to look at it is as someone who employs the Mexicans and they say the Mexicans are the hardest workers they can find.

Prediction on Future conflics between my social groups

I can think of a few Future conflicts between my social groups. One is WWIII because the world is already full of conflict with Isis and then Russia is had been starting problems with Ukraine witch is not really a good sign when a large country try's and takes over a smaller county. Feel like The situation with Russia is well now and no intervention is needed, But I think the citation with Isis will be the next big war. This is because Isis isn't just attacking the US they are attacking France and other Western and European nations.