The 7th Grade Skinny

March 21st

Quote of the week

"Can I miss math so I can laminate?" -A very capable 7th grade intern

The answer of course was, "No!" But, we are a pretty excited we finally found someone who actually likes to laminate.

Lightbulbs, Water, and Student-Creativity

Mrs. Berger and Ms. Bononi are challenging our 7th graders to think creatively about light! After a quick research introduction and small light experiments using mirrors, 7th grade Idea Lab students were told the very simple directions: "Design a project based on light." Using the website, students were able to follow the path that interested them the most.

After submitting proposals that included the science behind the experiment and sketches, the teachers were ready to give them the supplies they needed. From light made from bubbles to flipping signs upside down using water, the students collaborated and supported each other in making their projects work!

Gabi and Marshall reflect on their experience:

How did you choose this idea? "We started by googling the idea and decided it didn't look too complicated but still interesting. We had seen it done before but didn’t know why it worked."

What was the hardest part of this project? "The scientific part of it has been the toughest to understand. We made it disappear but we are still working on why it happened."

Sean and Sullivan worked to flip signs using light:

How did you choose this idea? "Found the project about flipping signs on application ifunny. We decided to see if it really worked or if the picture was just photoshopped."

How do you flip signs using light? "Well, you poor water in a tube and then put a piece of paper with an arrow on it. Google helped us to discover the science behind it."

Things to Know: A Parent's Right to Share

We spend a lot of time at home and at school talking with our kids about how to be a positive voice in social media. But, as parents, what role do we have in this positive voice?

Below is an interesting article to ponder from the New York Times about posting pictures and events in your child's life on social media. It shares why parents might choose to post family milestones and argues that it can create positive community-building and shared parenting. But, should children have a say in what gets posted about them?

Notes from our fabulous librarians....

Repeat After Me: "Mark your Calendars!"

  • Week of March 21th Morning Carpool: Donaldson
  • March 24: Half Day; Stations of the Cross; Regular uniforms; Extended Programs Open
  • March 25 & 28: Extended Programs closed
  • March 29-April 1: Extended Programs open
  • March 25-April 3: Easter Break

Week of April 4th Morning Carpool: Mercado

April 11th Giving Bank: Mercado Group 1: John Attwood, Julio Cruz, Frances Burton, Greg Camacho, Jack Clougherty, Brooke Porter

Drivers: Kelly Attwood and Casandra Porter

Giving bank schedule

Giving Bank Driver Schedule

Junior Docent Driver Sign Up

Repeat After me: "Go Mustangs!"

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