Cody Jackson-6th

Frogs and Toads

Most frogs are found near ponds, swamps, and other wet places. Others may think that frogs are disgusting, but personally I think that what others may find gross, I find to be the true beauty of frogs. People may mix up frogs and toads, but there is only a minor difference. Frogs are normally more slimy and live near water, while toads are more rough skinned and can live farther away from water.
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Life cycle of a Frog!

Frogs Life Cycle

After the frogs are hatched, they are born as tadpoles in which they have a head, a tail, and gills for breathing underwater. As they age, they slowly grow legs with webbed feet so they can swim. Then for the third stage they finally grow the ability to leave the water and are fully grown frogs that can finally leave the water.
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Frog Diets

Frogs eat mostly everything and anything that can fit in their mouths. These things consist of caterpillers, worms, young cobras, moths, beetles, and crickets. A horned frog can hide behind leaves and remain still for multiple days until it's prey will come close enough for the frog to eat it. Some frogs seek out their food hopping around at night and snapping their mouths at random insects.