Jackie Robinson Perseveres

By: Abby Mae West

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Jackie Robinson On Perseverance

“… Had arranged for me and two other players from the negro league to go to a tryout for the Boston red sox. … and we put our best efforts into.”- Jackie Robinson

“I had to do it for so many reasons. For black youth, for my mother, for Rae, for myself.”- Jackie Robinson

Summary Example's on Perseverance

An example of perseverance would be Jackie Robinson accepting what Branch Rickey offered him. That is an example of perseverance because Jackie had to persevere through all of the hate and violence people would throw at him for being a black on a white team. Jackie Robinson said he was the player that Branch wanted. {pg. 290}

Another example of perseverance is that Jackie said on the field people would be rude, attack him, and throw him bean balls. It took perseverance to ignore all of the rude remarks, physical attacks, and ignorance being thrown at him. {pg. 295}

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