The Infinite Sea

By Rick Yancey

Rick Yancey

Rick Yancey, author of the book The Infinite Sea, was born in Miami, Florida, and spent the rest of his childhood here as well. He became a professional writer in 2001 when his first book was published, A Burning in Homeland. His most recent books have been of the 5th wave series, which the book The Infinite Sea is the second part of it.


In a futuristic time period, the main characters are based in the U.S. The run down hotel symbolizes that the remaining humans are no better than the rats who occupy the hotel as well. The way the setting is projected makes the novel that much more realistic.

Main Characters

Cassie is a very plain girl. She is extremely loving, loyal and determined.

Evan is a difficult character to pin down, due to the fact he is an alien that falls in love with a human. He has immense courage and is loyal to Cassie.

Ringer is a quiet girl, who sometimes comes off as rude, but in reality she is extremely smart.

Plot Summary

This is the second novel continuing the story of, The Fifth Wave. This story takes place after the explosion of Vosch's camp. To begin, after Evan is missing, Ringer goes out to find her, but she is taken by the enemy. Ringer, who was already captured by the enemy, escapes, and flees to the renegade that was outside of her camp. Ringer escapes from the hands of Vosch, and Razor risks his life in order to save her.