Kaitlyn Wilson

Define Inclusion

Inclusion defined- Children with and without disabilities learn and participate in the same classrooms. When all children are educated together there are positive outcomes in terms of social and academic progress.Inclusion is NOT simply placing students in the same classroom. Students have a sense of belonging in an inclusive classroom. They feel valued and supported. Inclusive education is not a privilege, it is a right.

Online Resources

Colleen Tomko taught me that inclusion can teach children to value diversity, to see the ability of others to contribute and to have a sense of unity (1996).

The Special Education Guide taught me that curricular adaptations depend on each individual student's needs. These can be found in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Why is inclusion important?

Inclusion is important because it is beneficial in several ways.

  • Friendships develop between peers.
  • The children learn important academic skills.
  • The children learn by being together.

What makes inclusion difficult?

There is a lack of experience teaching in an inclusion setting. It is also difficult to involve all students in all activities. Teachers must also give the right amount of attention, which can be difficult depending on the number of teachers in the classroom.

Class Activities

  • Including Samuel
  • The Axel video
  • Kahoot with candy choices

Resources for Teachers

These are two different sites that are resources available to assist teachers and their inclusive classroom. This site can help with training and what is news pertaining to an inclusive classroom.

Inclusion Articles & Resources for K-12 Teachers - Has many different resources for teachers. There is information and advice for an inclusive classroom.