Social Realism Codes & Conventions

The codes and conventions of the social realism genre


Social realism films are usually based in actual real life locations. For example council estates, parks and cities. This is to make the film feel more true and more believable unlike some films which come from Hollywood.

Non-Professional/Not well known actors

British social realism films use non-professional or unknown actors again to make the film seem more real. Without big well known stars the films seems more normal and close to home for the viewer

Everday Issues

Drugs, Violence and Homelessness are often the focal points of social realism films. These are used as they are usually well known issues or those that are in the news therefore fresh in the mind of the viewer and can be easily related to.

Regional Identity

Social realism films involve regional identities of which are followed closely. A social realism film based in London about cockneys will have actors with the cockney accent and wearing clothing iconic of Londoners. If it is a film about Muslims or Hindu's the actors will wear full clothing perfectly matched to what actual Muslims or Hindu's wear.