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Hi, some of you know me as Jared, others Wafflyyeti, and I help create videos, video games, art, and so on. I will be putting up different fliers every now and then and I will keep you updated on some stuff i'm making, hope you like this flier!


In order to play some of the games listed here, you will need steam. steam is completely free and is it's own browser as well. Steam is made by the people who made Half life 2, left 4 dead, and portal.

Space Engineers

This is a half voxel, half destructible environment space sandbox game. You can create your own Fighters, Frigates, carriers, etc. The game is currently in alpha, but is extremely fun either way. In order to play this game, you need a pretty beefy computer, even the new one I just got can barely play this game.

Planetside 2

Have you ever heard of a game called Planetside 2? If you haven't heard about this game, you've been living under a rock! This is the Biggest Multiplayer game out there with a maximum population of 2,000 players per server! with a game like that, no single player is needed. Some times when you head into battle, some crazy things will happen that will make you think that it's all scripted, but it's absolutely not. With constant updates, the game gets more and more action packed. If you're new to the game, I recommend you go into training or your going to get your butt kicked real quickly, and there's no going into battle as a lone gun, if you do, you're a goner. I've put twenty plus hours into this game total, and I have to say, for a Free-to-play game, it's really good. This game has three factions, New conglomerate, Terran Republic, and Vanu Sovereignty. New conglomerate is a group of (mostly) retired Terran Republic officers. Their motto is ''Freedom over Oppression''. These group of ''freedom fighters'' have makeshift weapons but they are strong in numbers and moral. The Terran Republic are a group of military officers and will do anything to get the mission done. Their weapons are formidable and they are a force to be reckoned with. Finally, we have the Vanu sovereignty. These guys are low in numbers for a good reason. When they first stumbled upon this planet, they found alien technology, so they improved their technology with it. As they grew more and more obsessed with it, they worshiped it. The Vanu are responsible for some of the Tech. on the battlefield, such as force fields. Now, where do you think that all three of these factions get their weapons and vehicles from? They get them from a company called Nanite Technologies. Nanite best decided that they would get in on the action but sense they didn't want to get destroyed, they gave all three factions their supplies. And I think that wraps it up for Planetside 2, enjoy! Note: I've been seeing some other symbols with each faction. I looked them up and here's what I got, NC= New Lunar Republic, TR= Solar Empire, VS= Crystal Empire. Do I know what this means? As far as I can tell, this is attracting more and more people to planetside 2 but I don't know what it is.

Can't keep up with updates!

Sorry guys! I'm not going to be able to keep up with the updates for this game! The reason? I don't play this game often and I forget about it so don't count on me.

(SLOW) Update 1

They just added a mission system, which means you don't have to wander around the world to find something to do, or have to take commands from some random guy you've never met.
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PlanetSide2: Choose Duty, Choose the Terran Republic.
PlanetSide 2: Choose Freedom, Choose the New Conglomerate
PlanetSide 2: Choose Vanu Sovereignty, Choose Enlightenment

Orion:Dino Horde

Orion: Dino Horde is a fun game on steam and it's only in alpha. While this game is not ''Free-to-play''', it's just as fun as the others! I've put a few hours into it, and the money was worth it! Just as it says in the title, Orion is game about defending your base from a horde of very hungry dinos. The game features 10 dinos as of now, but will have even more in the future. The developers just announced a HUGE update to the game, in fact, it's so big they decided to re-name the entire game just because of how big it is. The game will be called Orion: Prelude and will be a big multiplayer game in from what I hear. There will be open world travel when it first comes out, but later on, they will have planetary travel, so you could go from planet to planet. They will also be adding enemy robots into the mix and even bosses! I'm very excited about the update. You can help donate to speed up the project by clicking the link under the videos! Everyone who owns Dino Horde will receive this game for free but for anyone else, you're going to have to pay for prelude, sorry. Dino horde WILL be made a separate game because of the engine Prelude is going to use. Hope you guys enjoy Dino Horde if you're going to get it!

Kickstarter Cancelled?

The Orion: Project has been CANCELLED due to the lack of support from game companies and other things. The reason was that their original game, Orion: Dino Beatdown, got a metric score of 36/100, Which is extremely low. You might be wondering "Well, Dino Horde and Dino Beatdown is different, right?" Wrong, Dino Horde is an updated version of Dino Beatdown, they just changed the title, the graphics, and how fun the game is. The companies never gave Spiral game studios another chance. Even though the Kickstarter campaign is down, it won't stop them from doing it in the future AND the game is NOT cancelled, so look forward to it.


ORION Dino Horde - Launch Trailer (PC)
ORION: Dino Horde | Community Appreciation

Blacklight Retribution

I just got this game two days ago, and I'm already getting ahead in the leader boards. This is a free-to-play FPS game that is pretty good. With a huge armory of snipers, pistols, missile launchers, LMGs and so on, you can get quick points easily. They have a in-game currency which allows you to buy ammo, get more health, get a mech or a special weapon to take down large groups of enemy's but watch out! Your cash resets every round. They have two types of Shop cash, there's GP and Zen. GP allows you to rent a weapon for seven days while Zen allows you to permanently buy a weapon. GP is very hard to earn so spend it wisely. Zen is purchased with real cash so if you have the green, then you can get a real mean killing machine!
Blacklight: Retribution Exclusive Launch Trailer [HD]
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7 Days to Die

This is a fun, open world, post-apocalyptic, voxel, zombie survival game. It isn't updated very often but It's fun and has some bugs that the game needs to be rid of. The game is multiplayer and is...25$! Now listen, I know they need the money to continue the game but if they want more money, lower the price! I would pay 15$ for this maximum. just be glad that they lowered the price from...35$


The 7 Days to Die developers are pumping out updates every two weeks or so. They're listening to your requests and getting better, so go ahead and tell them what you want!


Update 2

7 Days to Die is on sale for twenty dollars! Get it while you can!



7 Days To Die Trailer


Okay, don't know why i'm putting this up here because EVERYONE should know about this but oh well... Minecraft is a voxel based survival and building game that is very fun. I'll put down a link so you can go look at it yourself.

I'm no longer following Minecraft

SCP: Containment Breach

This is a very fun horror game, and it's pretty scary, trust me, I know. This game is still in a Beta I believe are no words do describe how good this game is. If you've played slender or silent hill, you'll like this game. Not very much to say about this other than it's scary and fun.
SCP Containment Breach Trailer
SCP - Containment Breach Trailer #2
The above video is the newest one, the first one is the old version

I'm no longer following SCP: Containment Breach

Unity web player

This is a nifty piece of software that you can install to play community made games, not only that, but they also offer another piece of software that allows you to make your own games for FREE! If you actually buy the product, then you have more options, get the free one, you get less options but either way, it's pretty cool.

Garry's Mod

This is a game built off of the source engine, and let me tell you, this is one of the coolest games I've ever played. The reason? This game has an endless amount of addons, from characters to music to cars and robots, it's all here.
None of the above videos are mine, nor are the video games or music