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History of Beelzebub's Travels

Our vacation services are very popular among those who want to get away from their daily travels, and just take a small eternity to rest! Our past spots either provide a spot you could just rest your bones forever, or a place where you can seek an adventure that would seem straight out of a book! Our most popular sites are either Masaya Volcano, or the Circles of the Inferno, two very exciting, and yet restlessly peaceful places.

Map of our most popular quest

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Our Valued Souls

Ms. Lutkenhaus

Notes on what she wants/hobbies

  • Romantic vacation; involving long walks along dark beach
  • Has a hobby of swiping seashells
  • Wants to get as close to the shore as possible
  • Wouldn't mind the chance to 'study' a hurricane.


Notes on what he wants/hobbies
  • Hot days and hot nights
  • Likes to swim on moonlit nights.
  • Claims to be communitive with sea life
  • Scuba Diving during high tide
  • Comparing Students to 'unique' sealife
  • Suntanning on a Summer Solstice
  • Hot spot with plenty of sand, water, and nightly explorations to be had
  • Loraxes
  • Freedom from a particular 8th grade boy who rants about a "Reptilian Government"

Coach Wilson

Notes on what he wants/hobbies

  • Emotional state during Waxing phases of the moon unnaturally high
  • Beach activities where he can play sports
  • Volleyball
  • Horseshoes
  • Sand Kingdom construction
  • When the water can reach him on the beach
  • Wants to feel young again
  • Dances in the rain, longing for the day he gets a Taylor Swift patterned Tophat and cane to dance along with


Notes on what he likes/hobbies

  • Searching for long-since-extinct metallic dinosaur bones with his metal detector
  • Shiny things
  • Backstroking in flippers
  • Would rather make snow angels than go to the beach
  • Favors the Waning phases of the moon
  • Respect from his students

Location of Interest for Ms. Lutkenhaus

Gulf Islands National Seashore Pensacola, FL

Characteristics of the Island

  • Islands are known to be beautiful and wild
  • Island itself great for a romantic getaway
  • Have a diverse range of sea shells, at least 8 confirmed types to be seen frequently on the beach.
  • A type of seashell that is exclusive to its region; the hurricane ball; it's name taken from it's formation
  • Region is prone to experience big storms, as well as the occasional hurricane

When she should part

During the Fall; specifically during September, where hurricanes and large storms are more frequent in the location
Arrive near if not on Friday, September 7th, a day after the New moon, allowing for the moonlight to be less visible, casting a dark shadow upon the beaches in the time of night

During the low tide, the waters will reach to a depth of -.9 feet below the water level, allowing one to stride deep within the shore, where there will be seashells en masse.

Location of Interest for Mr.Little


Characteristics of the Island

  • Bahamas offer diving amongst sharks and dolphins within a reef
  • Due to being an isolated island, all you would have to do is walk in any direction, and you'd eventually find a beach to gaze upon the waves of the ocean
  • Fishing is available
  • Sailing and boating
  • They even offer the mortal binding known as marriages
  • Plentiful activities all around

When he should part

June 21st, the summer solstice

During the summer of course; the temperatures being much harsher during the months.

June 21st is one day away from the full moon, giving a moonlit night to swim to thy heart's content.

Due to the location of the full moon in comparison to both the Earth and the Sun, it will incite a high tide from within the oceans.

Location of Interest for Coach Wilson

St. Augustine Beach, FL

Characteristics of the Beach

  • At least 42 miles of sand terrained beach
  • Vast open space for playing sports; whether it be on land or within the waters of the ocean
  • Volleyball
  • Horseshoes
  • Sand for Kingdom construction
  • Surfing
  • Both a coastline beach and a port for multiple activities.
  • Location in the same city of the fabled Fountain of Youth; allowing one to relive the days of youth in more than just a mental state.

When he should part

June 21st, the summer solstice; or possibly the week building up to the 21st, for the waxing phases of the moon.

Once more within the summer; the popular opinion of the best time to visit the beaches.

Being one day away from the Full moon; would allow the tide to reach further in, being in nearly the peak of the most en masse high tides.

As well as for the fact that the months May through October are recorded to be the months when precipitation is frequent; allowing for all needed rain dancing one could ever desire. Recommended to disregard the looks you will get in the street.

Location of Interest for Mr.Jones

Ocean City Beach, ML

Characteristics of the Beach

  • Long strip of beach, meaning more people with the chance of their valuables possibly being lost in the sands
  • Beach to swim in; if you so wished.
  • Fun Fact: Maryland is the state with some of the riches neighborhoods; whose families probably would visit in the summer, and just so happen to lose things from time to time.
  • Plenty of activities and sleeping areas provided for multiple-day excavations.

When he should part

January 1st-6th, the week for the waning phases.

Temperatures will be cold; allowing him to fulfill his urge to 'Polar Plunge'

Not as many visitors at beaches in cold temperatures; leaving space to roam the towel line of the beach freely without others disturbing your quest.

Low high tides, and average low tides; the sea will not disturb your searching as much.

During the months of frost and cold, chances of snow; allowing for the imprintation of snow angels upon the surface.

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