American Politician Dies in Dual

The Dual

Individuality and Identity

I believe that Individuality and Identity is the theme for this book because it shows the differences of the two main characters. The two characters being Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Both men came from similar back rounds, but ultimately had many confrontations that made them enemies. While the two looked liked they would've been friends, they came out the bitterest enemies in politics.

"...He(Hamilton) was energetic, high-spirited, and usually bright boy."- Pg.3

"a resolute boy (Burr) a little dirty noisy boy... very sly and mischievous." - Pg. 7

A poltical tale that will capture even the most hated of politics.

Judith St. George

Judith St. George was born and raised in West Field New Jersey. She loves sports, and books. After college she married Mark St. George moved to Cambridge Massachusetts. There she later wrote her first book about George Washington. She continued to writer books that would stout her readers.