The heaviest of all gases

The Basics

Radon is the name

Rn is the symbol

Atomic Number is 86

Atomic weight is 222

Group is noble gases

Period is 18

the color is colorless


When did Radon become discovered?

Radon was a element dicovered by Friedrich Ernst Dorn. In 1900 in germany. people at the time called it niton, it is a inhert element so it will not pair up with another element. By 1923 it got it's origanal name of Radon.

Is their uses for it?

Radon is a dangerous gas that can kill humans. So a country that goes to war could use it as a chemical warfair.

Make sure to ckeck house annualy for radon

Gaurantied to be POISONOUS

Interesring facts

This can be a health problem for humans.

Radon is presented in hot springs

Radon is the only inert element that is not artificial