Friday Coach Note

September 16, 2016

News and Updates

*Sept 19---Math Skills Interventions begin!

*Sept. 20--Waterford Training No Interventions--Paras are covering for teachers attending training:

Bev and Jana M cover for Hailee

Heather covers for Paula

Becky covers for Dawn

Lisa covers for Jana B.

*Sept. 21 and 22 I'll be visiting instructional paras intervention groups and Special Ed. If there's a group you would especially like me to pop in on, let me know! It was fun to see K-2 Math last week!

*Sept. 23 Para meeting with Mrs. Poz in Bev's room at 2:15 PM.

*Sept. 23 Friday is the end of IRI Testing Window. Any new K-3 students need to be tested by then.

Ideas and Resources

Art For Kids Hub

I've shared this site before, but it's such a great one for transitions, incentive to get students to work hard so they can take a creative break, or to connect to your curriculum. Great for all ages my kinders drew robots when learning the letter R for Rosie the Robot! The nice thing is you can subscribe to Rob's YouTube channel and updates, save in a folder for future use!

One more Bloom's Taxonomy Resource! 30 Apps for Critical Thinking!

I forgot to include this in last week's Coach Note! Oops!

How To Draw The American Flag
How To Draw Pete The Cat
How To Draw An Orangutan
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In The Spotlight!

Miss Hailey Gochnour, our Special Education Teacher!

Hailey says these are a few of her favorite things....Dr. Pepper, Psych (T.V. Show) crepes, and a lot of her favorites just depend on the mood she is in.

She says she always wants the purple bag of Skittles, no matter what the mood!

She loves books and her favorite author is Anita Stanfield---they make her fall in love with the man every time!

She's awesome, and she's never broken a bone, but she did spend a summer on crutches!

She loves soccer, snowboarding, just hanging out watching Netflix, campfires, reading---but only the good books!

She is quite the world traveler. She has been to Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Mexico and all over the U,S. DC is one of her favorite places. She loves the Smithsonian.

She comes from a family of 2 sisters, one of which is her BFF, 2 brothers, 3 nephews, and 5 nieces. (I'll bet they love Auntie Hailey!) She lives with her brother and says it's awesome!!

Three things from her Bucket List:

1- To travel to Istanbul and Greece

2- To Get Married (Okay that's the green light for all of us to play Matchmaker!)

3- To fly in a squirrel suit (Like Rocky and Bullwinkle???)

Something that Hailey would like us all to know is that she loves holiday music, even Halloween music! She says she's the world's worst speller and that her handwriting stinks, but I could read every word!

We are happy that Hailey has joined our Acequia family! She is a great addition to our team and we look forward to getting to know her better this year!