The Womens Right Movement

The 1960's Social Change


  • In the 1960's, if a women got pregnant it was her responsibility to find a way to take care of it. Many states outlawed abortion at this time. When birth control was invented to help stop the amount of unwanted pregnancy's.
  • Betty Friedan was a major role mole to help women stand up for what they believe in.
  • The Civil Rights Act made discrimination in the work place illegal.
  • When the Equal Rights Amendment was passed, it was a turning point for women.
  • The ERA was written by Alice Paul.
  • The Equal Pay Act would allow men to receive more pay then a women for doing the same job.
I chose the write about the Women's Right's Movement because this was a major turning point for women. The gained the right to vote and work. I think it was a great thing for them to do, was stand up for what is right. I'm happy to know that i don't have to go through that later in life. I also chose this because i can kind of relate to it. I wouldn't want to have to stay at home all of the time having mu husband telling me what i can and can't do.