Greensboro 4

Wilmington Race Riots

Daniel Lindsay Russell jr.

Daniel Lindsay Russell jr. lived from 1845 to 1908.He was also elected to office by the uneasy fusion alliance of Republicans and Populists in the bitter and racially charged election of 1896.

Marthin Luther King jr.

April 4, 1968, Marthin Luther King jr. was killed. People around and close to the church desided to host a prayer for him in Rodney Square. The next day after Marthin Luther King jr. Death schools held afternoon Memorials. During the memorials, several groups of young people began marching down Market Street causing damage to several stores. When night came violince bbroke out in the valley.


Lots of peopple dont know what was the wilmington race riots! well ijust deffined it for you!  Its when marthin luther king jr. died and lots of other things happened then.  *