#youmatter my geniouis

i am a great listener, i can sit down and talk with anyone that needs my help. i like to listen to people vent, and get all their anger out. i am a pretty good advice giver, and people know they can come to me to talk because i actually listen and give them positive re-enforcement.

#youmatter breaks my heart

What breaks your heart? animal cruelty breaks my heart, animals can be the sweetest creatures on earth, but some people feel the need to hurt them for their own pleasure, i personally cant stand this, my dog got into a neighbors yard when i lived on my farm, and he thought it was neccessary to shoot her from point blank distance, in the mouth. my dog was lost for 3 days wandering in the country side with a bullet hole in her mouth and half of her tounge missing. She had to spend 2 weeks in intensive care at the animal hospital. All for what? It was all for his self pleasure. i also got a criminal trespassing charge because i tried to go to his house and fight him over all this.

#youmatter deepest fears

My biggest fear is probably losing my mom, she does everything for me, she is always there for me through whatever, no matter what i need she makes sure i have it, no matter what i want, she tries her best to make it possible for me to have it. My mom is the best mom in the world i dont know what i would do without her.

Thats why my biggest fear is losing my mom, i dont have anyone else in my life like that, and i dont know how i would live without her in my life because i would have nothing. No money or clothes, no food or house, nothing at all. Thats why i love my mom.

#youmatter biggest dream

My biggest dream is to someday own a brand new alpha 12 nissian GT-R. It has been my dream car since i was like 8 years old, i have always wanted one, i had only seen them on tv and movies but never in real life until i moved back to scottsbluff, then i saw one in person and even got to ride in it! It was the best car i have ever riden in. It was also the fastest, most powerful, most expensive, car i have ever riden in. The alpha 12 is a package add-on for the GT-R. the alpha 12 packaged GT-R is right around 350,000 dollars, stock from the factory. So for me to be able to get one someday, would be a huuuuge accomplishment!