By Jeff Perkins

Role of Knights

Knights had the role of protecting the king, lords, nobles, and peasants. They fended off barbarians and Vikings that would try to conquer their land. They would train in fighting and start at a very young age. By the age of 8 boys start to train to become knights and train in combat.

Day to Day Life

  • Knights wake up early and pray for the land that they would live on
  • Knights would attend mass
  • Next Knights would eat a good breakfast of mainly bread
  • Next they would prepare for combat training and horseman ship
  • Knights would often have the job to execute people who break the law during whenever court was open

What Knights can't do

  • Knight could not order people to do things
  • Knights could not get taxes/ money from other peasants
  • Knights lived modestly and did not have luxurious places to live
  • Knights don't control land

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