Surviving on a Deserted Island

Zkaiya Brown Tyler Stowers Jasmine Strong


First, you have to find a clear spot to settle for shelter. Then you have to find big pieces of wood.You can also kill animals for fur and skin it.You can make a tepee for shelter out of the wood and animal fur.

Food and Fire

You can search for wood, and you could rub the sticks together to make fire. Next, you can search for your food, like rabbit meat,bird, deer, and pig meat. Once you find the meat, you can prepare the meal. FInd something that you can put the food on to cook it over the fire. Once it is cooked, you can eat the meat.

Clean Drinking Water

Search for running water like a stream or river. Once you find the water, you need to clean it. Find a coconut that you could use as a bowl. Fill it with water, and boil it over the fire to clean it.

Getting Off The Island

To get off the island,You have to get skinny and level branches and find pieces of bambi.and tie it together to make the raft/boat.It can get you a long way out .

First aid

we can use leaves to make medicine and tress so if we get sick we will be prepared for what we need.