Local News Update

From Cool Kyle, Mr Awesome Dante, Mr. Smart Jeremy

Earth worms!

In science we are working on a science experiment with earth worms and snacks. Mrs. Waleck, our teacher, put a banana in the box and within a couple of days it was black! So we wonder what our snacks will look like in June. We will keep you posted on the news.


Dante was in a play named Aladdin. He did the play in February but his class is watching it in November. His class didn't finish watching it yet but we will tell you how the play was when his class is finished watching it.
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Book fair

The book fair was in the library. There were so many books. There were a lot of posters on the wall. A lot of people were buying things at the book fair. There were adults buying cook books. It was a successful book fair.
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About Cool Kyle

My name is Kyle and I like Magic The Gathering. I am 10 years old. I like to play Minecraft. I like to go to Karate and my favorite food is steak.
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About Mr. Awesome Dante

My name is Dante and I am 9 years old. My hobby is to play Sims Free Play on my iPod. My favorite food is pizza and my favorite show is Sponge Bob.
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About Mr. Smart Jeremy

My name is Jeremy and I am 9 years old. My favorite sport is football. My hobby is to play video games. My favorite food is pizza.
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