Students and their credit cards

What ever student should know

Pros of Credit Cards

  • can use everywhere
  • can buy whatever you want within the limit
  • easy recording of expenses
  • convenient and easy to use

Cons of credit cards

  • there is a credit limit
  • fraud is a possibility
  • there is interest
  • card is small and easy to lose

Important terms

Fraud- somebody stealing your identity and money

Credit score- 3 digit number that proves your worthiness on being loaned money

Credit limit- you cant exceed this amount of money with credit

APR- annual percentage rate

What you should know

  • Unwise spending can ruin your credit history
  • That's why it is rough for students to get credit cards
  • Make your payments on time

What you should look for

  • Low APR
  • Good benefits
  • Low fees

Smores experience

I personally really enjoy s'more. Its creative, looks better, and pretty easy too use once you get the hang of it. I would recommend continuation of this site, in replacement of regular hand made brochures etc.