Achieve3000 Level 1

Self-Paced Professional Development Course

What is Achieve3000?

Achieve3000 is a robust, patented solution to deliver informational text to students at differentiated levels. The program adapts as the students demonstrate comprehension, slowly increasing the complexity of the text they are reading and growing their reading Lexile levels.

This course will give new teachers an overview of the program to get started using the basic features with their students.

If you are not a teacher at Southwest Parke Schools, you are welcome to use this course! Please understand, however, that some of the content is specific to the implementation in our district.

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

Achieve 3000's company tag line is that they are the leader in differentiated instruction. Differentiating is how the program will benefit your classroom the most, but there are many other ways Achieve makes learning better.

  • Students read the same information, but at their individual Lexile levels, allowing for class discussion of the topic with increased comprehension and reduced frustration
  • Continuous progress monitoring and adaptive complexity of text to grow comprehension
  • Articles are from The Associated Press, giving students authentic content
  • Robust writing exercises tied to every article
  • Meets the Indiana State Literacy Standards for Science, Social Studies and Technical Subjects.
  • Achieve's 5 Step Literacy Routine is research-based and has had proven results globally and in our own district.

What are other educators saying about it?

Self-Paced Training

Achieve3000 School of the Future™…Today
The Level-Set Test

The first time students login to Achieve3000 at the start of the school year, they will be directed to take the LevelSet test. This will measure their Lexile so that the articles they read will be at their own individual reading level. It is important that students take this test seriously, therefore it is important for you to prepare your students to take it. The resources below will help you do that.

LevelSet tests are typically given by the ELA teachers, as all students consistently have these classes. However, science and social studies teachers need to be aware that students who have not taken the test will receive it when they login and will not be able to access any articles until they complete it. This may be a necessary step before students can do work in your class.

A mid-year LevelSet test will be given in December, and a final LevelSet occurs in May. Please watch your email for announcements concerning the date ranges for these tests.

After testing, review LevelSet results. Watch the video below to learn more about how to access results and address any potentially invalid test results. Remember, you have only three weeks to manually adjust reading/Lexile levels.
The 5-Step Literacy Routine

How you introduce Achieve3000 to your class is a crucial aspect of the success of the program. Students need to understand why we use this program and how it will benefit them. Click the button below to access videos by level to help you introduce students to Achieve at the start of each year, even if they are already very familiar with the program.

Login to your teacher account and go through an article yourself if you are not familiar with the five steps.

Achieve Start of School Guide

The first and most fundamental things to know!

Accessing Student Scores & Monitoring Growth

The next video will show you how to run reports to see student's 5-Step Literacy Routine work, specifically comprehension questions and thought question writing responses. It will also show you how to look at the monthly Lexile changes for your students to monitor achievement and growth.

Achieve3000 - Student Scores and Lexile Growth
The Lexile measurement system is somewhat complicated, with significant overlaps between the bands acceptable for different grade levels. The chart below shows you all of the details of the current bands. Click the "Simplified Lexiles by Grade Level Chart" button to get a version that removes the overlapping and may be easier for students to understand.
Big picture
Simplified Lexiles by Grade Level Chart

This chart removes the overlapping of grade level Lexile bands and shows you a simplified version based strictly on the starting Lexile measure for each grade.

How much do we expect students to grow each year? This depends on both their grade level and whether they are currently reading on or below grade level. Use this chart to help set goals for your students based on these factors. Note that "25th percentile" would mean they are reading below grade level.
Big picture

Giving student grades with work done in Achieve is a tricky thing, since the program is differentiated, but our grading system is not. Grades are a reflection of grade-level mastery, so it is important that there aren't situations where students are penalized for reading above-grade level content. We have created district-wide guidelines to ensure we are consistent on some important aspects of grading, while still giving teachers flexibility and autonomy with their grading practices.

Keep Students Motivated and Growing

Research shows that students need to complete at least two articles per week to really grow their reading comprehension skills. Because they will be using it so frequently and for so many years, you'll find that you are constantly needing to find new and creative ways to motivate students. One method is to have students analyze their own data, set goals and track their own progress towards them. The document below will guide you to resources Achieve has developed to help you do this with your students.
You'll find a lot more great resources like these in the Learning Center, including graphic organizers and handouts to go along with concepts you're teaching with Achieve articles. To access these resources, click on Training & Support from the main page when logged in to your teacher account. Once in the Learning Center, click on the RESOURCES tab.

The Pinterest board below is a collection of ideas and pictures of great motivations teachers using. Email Rachel Porter if you'd like to be made a collaborator to contribute to this Pinterest board.


Many of you completing this course have been using Achieve3000 for a long time, so earning your badge will be easy! You must be actively using the program with students to be eligible. In addition to some honor system questions about your ability to carry out tasks (like adding and removing students) you'll be asked to create and submit reports demonstrating than you can find student activity scores and Lexile growth.

5 Keys To Success with Achieve3000

  1. Fully integrate Achieve articles with the curriculum through direct instruction. Have an instructional purpose for every article you’re assigning to students and specifically teaching reading comprehension strategies.
  2. Focus on the quality of work - constantly emphasize and strive for 75% or higher scores and reminding students that applying their comprehension strategies will help them reach that goal every time.
  3. Make sure students are completing at least two articles per week for the majority of the school year. (This may be a combination of work in different classes.)
  4. Quality over quantity - Keep #1 and #2 the priority
  5. Monitor fidelity of use (1-3 above), overall effectiveness (school and class data) and individual growth (Lexile gain by student). Students should track their own Lexile growth throughout the year. Make changes as necessary for success.

Achieve's Help Students Achieve Target Activity Scores flyer is a great reference guide for success!

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