Enjoy the 2016 Summer Olympics in Paradise!

Brazilian Life

The location of this paradise is South America the climate is Tropical North and the weather from May to September is a little bit colder but a great time to visit the Amazon River. April and October are warm and dry along the coast but can be a little cold in the south, and finally December through March is hot and dry but that is when Car-naval is, one of the most festive and known celebration throughout Brazil. Two of the Important physical features is the Amazon River and Christ the Redeemer, it's on top of Corcavado Hill. The statue is 125 ft. tall and overlooks the city with breathtaking sights.

Fitting into Brazilian Life.

The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, some folkways is during conversation being interrupted is not a rude gesture, shake hands with men while women tend to prefer a kiss on the cheek, sucking your thumb is a gesture showing that you are feeling left out and the legal drinking and smoking age is eighteen years of age. you should avoid being well dressed and neat so that pickpocketers don't steal anything valuable, and don't make the okay sign with the hand this is seen as unacceptable. Some subcultures of Brazil are the "queers" or the non straight people of the country, and the poorer people throughout the country. In recent years things have improved crime rate has gone down, and the poverty has also gone down in the country in recent years. These are some good rules to follow especially when you see the 2016 Olympics in Paradise!
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