Terrorist Attack

It was just an ordinary day I was on my way to work, the same boring job i’ve had for fifteen years. After I dropped out of college because I thought I wasn't smart enough I got this job at the age of 25 and never went anywhere since then. It was a day just like any other day except for me not going on my usual patrol area because the President was visiting today here in Austin and I was to be apart of the perimeter that was set up around The Manor High Tech High School but that's when it all went wrong.

I was standing guard and wishing I had gotten more sleep last night. My wife and child were in the crowd Jacob and Alyss were their names. There was nothing else to do that day so they came. Then something caught my attention it was one of the President's guards in the window with a sniper looking for something suspicious or maybe another sniper. When I saw him I started looking for more of his guard I saw them on the roof and around me they were everywhere if you just looked. Not much was going on the President was due to speak any moment and things were going just fine then.... BOOM! There was an explosion in the High School the crowd was screaming there was chaos everywhere, my first thought was of my wife and son if they were okay. I had my gun drawn just in case. The President was surrounded by his guard and was being headed to his car. I knew this must be a terrorist attack and if it was meant for the President then it was poorly planned because he was nowhere near the explosion. I scanned the mass of people for my son and wife I couldn't find them, I didn't expect to with all of these horrified people scrambling around. In the distance I could hear sirens of both ambulances and police like me. There were plenty of people near enough to the explosion for the savages to do a lot of damage. I continued my way through the people in search of my loved ones.

I saw things that I wish I never had, things that will no doubt haunt me in my dreams and moments when I go into my thoughts. I could not find my two family members I hoped that they had gotten out of there as soon as they heard the blast. I spotted a friend from work that must have been called here because I knew he was not originally supposed to be here, I went to him and asked him if he knew anything that I didn't. He knew just as much as I did. I walked past some paramedics loading someone onto an ambulance I looked a little closer and right then my heart stopped, it was her it was my beautiful wife. I ran toward the stretcher and looked at both of the paramedics they must have seen the worry in my eyes to figure that I knew this women they said three words,”we have to hurry”. I would have gone with them but as I was thinking of her I thought of my son, he was alone. That was what I thought I couldn’t bear to think of how if she was near the blast he must have been too. I went in search again, I must have looked for 15 minutes but it felt like hours calling his name looking at the traumatizing figures on the ground hoping not to seen him there but I had to make sure. Then I heard it,”daddy, daddy is that you” it was muffled by the crowed and sobs from the speaker but I would know that voice anywhere. I was flooded with joy as I rushed to him and embraced him, so happy that he was alive and seemed unhurt. I carried him to the nearest spot I could check him for any wounds, thank God he was fine except for a few cuts.

After I had my son I could worry about my wife I asked around to see which hospital they were taking the victims to, she was being taken to Seton Medical Center. I got Jacob and went headed to the car I felt a little selfishness leaving all this trouble and commotion so I could see my wife but I didn't care near as much about that as I did her. I arrived at the hospital a few minutes later the siren and a little speeding might have helped with that. I asked the front desk which room she was in I took off with Jacob in my arms before she could finish talking. Room 298 I looked in and saw the nurses looking up at the clock and writing a time down. I stood there for a few seconds not believing it I blocked out questions from Jacob. I got enough of my senses back to lead Jacob off to a chair, he kept asking questions I didn't know what else to tell him but the truth. A nurse approached us,”was that your wife” she asked, “yes” I said. She said sorry and hurried off to tend to the other fast approaching patients.

Though that wretched day was years ago I still mourn over her death as is expected. The terrorist were caught they were the Hezbollah they claimed to be getting justice and that we were an evil country and deserved every bit of what we got. Anger followed after that day I wanted to go join the marines, get revenge but that would never happen I had to be here for Jacob. The President made a speech later that week saying sorry and that this attack would not go unnoticed and that the punishment would not stop at the small group of animals who primarily caused it.