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March Edition

In terms of student success, we often focus in on our first year students. However, we shouldn't lose sight of our sophomore cohort. Nicknamed "the forgotten class", our sophomore students are still developing in their academic behaviors, selecting majors, and taking leadership positions outside of class.

In this edition of Racer Retention, we compare our first year population to our second by the numbers. We've also included MAP-Works Monday, a staff highlight, student's success story, and helpful tips for using MAP-Works.

By the Numbers

First Year Students vs. Sophomore Students

These figures were taken from the 2014 MAP-Works Spring Check-Up Survey. The survey was taken February 3rd-11th. They are reflective of Murray State's first year and sophomore students.

How many of your scheduled classes have you attended this term? Answered: I attended all my classes.

First Year: 44% vs. Sophomore: 61%

To what degree are you the kind of person who: Studies on a regular schedule. Answered: Moderately to Extremely

First Year: 81% vs. Sophomore: 88%

What do you think your GPA will be this term? Answered: As and Bs

First Year: 81% vs. Sophomore: 86%

Average Earned Fall GPA.

First Year: 2.49 vs. Sophomore: 2.73

Overall, please rate your experience at this institution.

First Year: 77% vs. Sophomore: 83%

MAP-Works Monday

On March 24th, the Retention Office hosted an event for our students. MAP-Works Monday was to celebrate those who took the survey. The event was held in the Curris Center and updated via Twitter for off-campus students to join the action. We built a large prize wall and revealed a prize every 15 minutes. If a student completed the Spring Check-Up Survey, their name was entered into the drawing. The top prize was $1,000 scholarship.

A special thank you goes to those involved in the event:

  • SG Carthell
  • Men's Racer Basketball Team
  • Ewa Wantulok
  • Huan Hu
  • Tara Hawthrone
  • Evie Swanson
  • Brittney Stinnett
  • Kaitlin Chiaventone
  • Dorothy Ramsey
  • David Wilson
  • Paul Lucko
  • Dana Howard

MAP-Works Tips and Tricks

How to Email a Student

Click the button to learn how to send a email a student through the MAP-Works.

How to Schedule a Follow-Up

Click the button to learn how to set a follow-up reminder in MAP-Works.

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Success Stories

Staff Highlight

Supporting online students can be challenging. Given the fact that online advisers generally do not have regular face-to-face contact with their advisees, it can be hard to gauge their progress throughout the semester. MAP-Works has been the key to these students’ success and engaging them in conversations that can ultimately be the difference between them staying in school or leaving. Using MAP-Works provides a central communication hub with all of the support services on campus. As soon as an alert is submitted, the appropriate parties are notified and the right people can begin helping the student work through the issue at hand. The staff in the Office of Retention have been outstanding. Dr. Mantooth and Ben Stinnett have gone the extra mile to make the most of MAP-Works by helping us easily track online and regional campus students. With this program, we have paired students with the people that will be able to make the most positive impact. The ease in which we can collaborate with other support staff and faculty has been instrumental in helping us retain students.

- Lisa O'Neal, Coordinator of Distance Learning & Special Academic Projects

Student Highlight

My experience with the Retention Office has been very rewarding to say the least. I cannot fully express in words how much they have helped me along my way. By getting involved to being on my toes when it comes to school.

One day I was feeling pretty stressed out and realized I wasn’t reaching my goals that I knew I was capable of doing. I needed guidance and advice to find more ways to be successful in college, which is exactly what I received by going to their office. One thing I really noticed was anytime I needed to speak with them, they were always available to talk to me no matter what it was regarding.

Last year, Dr. Mantooth had suggested that I try being a First Year Leader. I thought about it, decided to do it, and loved it. This year I am going to be a First Year Leader Captain. Being able to reach out and help new students who aren’t familiar with campus life is a good feeling by itself. I know I’m helping them get the best experience they can at Murray State.

- Casey Farley, Sophomore at MSU

Mission of Retention Office

The Retention Office is committed to planning, processing, and developing retention efforts to create academic growth, promote achievement, and guide students through challenges to foster and achieve academic success compatible with their personal abilities and goals. This office values an ongoing partnership with campus administrators to provide stronger relationships with our students.

More Questions

Please contact the Retention Office. We can speak through email, by phone, or set-up a one-on-one meeting.