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In these winter months, with the dry indoor heating, the fluccuations in temperature, the indoor "closeness", an the children spreading everything...lets talk about GERMS! Great topic to cover during the month of Valentine's:) Spreading' the love...!
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On Guard Protecting Blend

On Guard Products

On Guard Protective Blend Essential Oil is a blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils. On Guard may be used topically, aromatically (in your diffuser), and internally. On guard in a diffuser in the main room of a home actually acts as natural antibacterial and antiviral in the air. Topically, On Guard can be used when diluted with a smidgen of coconut oil as the carrier, AND DoTerra has introduced an On Guard rollerball for easier application. Along the spine, lymph nodes, chest, to back are optimal places for application. DoTerra makes On Guard capsules to take internally...small softgels, with pure On Guard oil to help protect from the inside out. In our house, we use all the on guard products: toothpaste (for the kiddos too), throat drops, laundry detergent (small amazing, all natural, AND antibacterial!!), capsules, the cleaner concentrate, and hand soap!!! We love having something that is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and protects NATURALLY!!!

Ryan and Kyle Radaker- DōTerra Wellness Advocates