Medicine of the future


Making new medicine

People can extract proteins, enzymes and RNA molecules to make better vaccines and increase the over all healthiness of cells.

Making safer medicine

Now we can create vaccines and other medicine without as many side effects. Also scientist have better methods of determining drug dosage, which decreases overdose risk.

Making Better medicine

Scientist can use genetic engineering to produce more potent medicine that can destroy several strands of a disease at once.

Biotechnology and treatment

In labs, scientist can create treatments and cures for diseases like the treatment for diabetes, insulin. Or cures for diseases like smallpox, which has been completely wiped out due to biotechnology
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Genetic diagnoses and gene therapy

Treatment plans for things like cancer or other mutations are becoming more effective and reliable. Genetic diagnoses involves studying the DNA molecule itself in order to find mutations.

Producing genes and proteins

The process of producing materials for cures is quite difficult, even though it sounds easy enough. Heres how it goes- First, find a protein you want.,Next find a friendly bacteria, Then find the gene in DNA that produces said protein, Finally, Put the DNA in the bacteria, and let it divide.

A small fact

Biotechnology has helped with medicine in many ways. One of the most important, however, is finding "miracle cures" for deadly diseases. Without the help of biotechnology, modern medicine could not be created, and without medicine, the human population would be much smaller. For instance, look at life support machines, those are biotechnology. They keep people alive and save lives. The fact is, biotechnology saves lives-LOTS of lives.
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