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"my world's perception started to change, I started to accept other point of views different than mine, and I started getting more involved in solving world issues..."

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oGCDP Unit

Our unit conducted operations that allow us to proudly inform you that the RB Done on 10, 11, 19 and 24 April and the DM & TLs Meeting happened on Sunday 12/04/2015. We will be assuring Infosession in Dar America and Sunderland, conducting Booth in ENCG Settat, Com Sup, FSJES Settat, ESITH and Ben Msik Faculty and of course make presence in ENCG Casablanca Forum. Lastly, 46 Matched EPs For Summer and3 EPs Realized on April and this is just but a start.

iGCDP Unit

For the first time in the history of the entity, ladies and gentlemen, our unit's DM was held for Settat. We've pursued LC to LC partnerships with (Ukraine, Turkey, india, 2 LCs from Tunisia) and an on going Partnership with government. Further to these, the sales for the other projects ongoing. We conducted a servicing Program that entailed a trip with our current EPs from Tunisia and Brazil to Chefchaouen. Lastly, we have 9 EPs Matched and 2 Projects Raised for spring and this, this is just a drop of water in the ocean.

Finance Unit

Shhhhhh . . .
Ladies and gentlement, with all our head up, we prudently report that the auditing from MC for Q1 and Q4 was done and YES successful it was. But wait, Q1 was paid and we have no debts. And this, is just but a beginning.

iGIP Unit

From our unit, we have a new partner on board, give it up to Clarkom. . . We fruitfully conducted a TLs meeting and team meetings. Moving things forward, we have 2 EPs realised : Serdar ( Turkey ) - Khaldon (Canada), 5 TNs matched and 31 TNs available. Needless to say that ladies and gentlemen, this is just but a first step to our journey to Mars.

IM & M Unit

Our PR team successfully organised the first edition of Speech Art Competition 2015. An evet graced by the former LCP, Younes El Mouher, current LCP, Taha Khazri, LCP elect, Noureddine Aioui, Anfa Alumni, Mounaim Lamouni amongst other AIESECers in Settat. Big ups to the PR Team led by Imane Sadik.

TM Unit

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the EB elect term 2015/2016,
  • LCP elected For the term 15-16 is Noureddine AIOUI
  • LCVP oGIP elect For the term 15-16 is Jihane benslaoui
  • LCVP oGCDP elect for the term 15-16 is Yassmine Moslih

All the other position will be re-opened soon.

Person of the week ~~ Taha Khazri

Why should I attend International AIESEC confrences ?

Being World citizen is one of the elements of our leadership development model, coming from a society that doesn't encourage us to go, discover the world and see things from a different perspective, at the same time our parents worry, making us struggle to step out from our comfort zone.

When I was a member, I wasn't aware about the importance of building a huge network, I knew that AIESEC is present in 127 countries and territories but I never knew how to reach people that are living up the same values, visions and directions. After getting the chance to meet people from different countries, my world's perception started to change, I started to accept other point of views different than mine, and I started getting more involved in solving world issues that most of the people are neglecting.

Based on my modest experiences I've learned that {Being different is just different} not something else. I really invite you to invest more on yourself everyday, get to know more people through our amazing platform, showcase Morocco as a country and destination, and to finish just BE PROUD of being MOROCCAN.