By Bryson Hoskyns

How do we challenge ourselves?

  • When we want to change something, we use the 6 steps in the Engineering Design Process to plan and improve it.
  • To set challenges goals for ourselves.
  • To have a high expectation to get good grades.

How do our teachers challenge us?

  • Teachers give us assessments that challenge us to use our new knowledge.
  • Teachers challenge us to use new technology.
  • EOGs, Benchmark Tests, Reading 3D
  • Teachers give you problems to solve by engineering.
  • Teachers give us math challenges.

How do challenges help you to grow?

  • Goals help you grow by helping you get better each time you meet goals.
  • The 7 habits challenge us to become better people.
  • When you are challenged, you sometimes make mistakes.
  • Mistakes help you to grow,

How Challenges Happen

This is how one wildcat in our school use challenges and use technology