1960s Counterculture

Livin' in a groovy time

3 Facts About 1960s Counterculture

-The 1960s were a period when long‐held qualities and standards of conduct appeared to break down,

especially among the youth. The youths who dared to take action created a "a new left" on the political spectrum.

-This decade was known for peaceful and sexual freedom, which led to protests of legalization for gay marriages, and ends to war. Many other contraceptives came to be popular amongst young men and women. A lot of laissez- faire movement became active, and people began believing in side-lining the government.

-A popular counterculture program was known as Woodstock Festival, which let hippies (the new left) express their feelings over the course off 3 days, filled with music, dance and art.

How did the culture and movement of the 1960’s, affect how our modern values, rights, music, and freedom are like today?